The main reasons behind China-Japan island conflict.


Yuva Kranti

Today , we are talking about the factors which led to the escalation of air defence identification zone by China and its adverse implications on a common man let us head back to the time when japan controlled a group of now’ disputed ‘ islands from 1895 until its surrender at WWII in 1945. These are a group of 5 islands and 3 islets situated in east china sea ( pacific ocean ) and are called as ‘senkaku ‘.From 1945 to 1972 , these islands were under the eye of a private firm ( of U.S.A ) until it again reverted back to japanese control in 1972 under ‘ Okinawa Reversion Agreement .

A continuous rift between Japan and China surfaces from time to time over these islands which are now referred as Diayou in China.

Till 1969,China did not raise any objections to claims of Japan on Senkaku but no sooner did the U.N ( E.C.A.F.E ) identify potential oil and gas reserves in vicinity of these islands than the China started laying claims over whole of of the East China Sea which encompassed Senkaku . Thus we can witness how natural resources can turn into a source of spat between countries!

When a talk of natural resources come to the fore ,how can America take the back seat . Let us shed some light over America’s interest who has been playing a key role in this stand off .As we know America cannot defeat China on the basis of economy as China has its 3.5 trillion dollar foreign reserve whereas India has a meagre amount of 0.5 trillion dollar , thus we can anticipate how China holds the key of U.S.A’S economic level and can anytime play its cards.

Hence America wanted to attack China by joining hands with Japan and this was the sole reason of america giving permission to Japan to form an army in 1965 (post WWII).Furturmore, in a city of Japan ,Okinava ,28500 America soldiers are deployed which are being trained to retaliate to any of China’s attack on Japan , thereby giving an indirect opportunity to america for the initiation of war.

In yet another incident , on november 27 ,2013, U.S.A defied the rules levied by China under ADIZ , in which it had flown its two strategic bombers ( B-52). Now let us leaf through Japan’s interest in the ongoing conflict over disputed lands.Shinzo Abe ,the youngest P.M of Japan ,is the leader of liberal democratic party. As Japan is undergoing period of unemployment because of U.S.A’s shutdown so Japanese government is trying its level best to downplay the current topic and wants to arouse the feeling of nationalism among its people.

It also declared that they would be increasing its defence budget by 5% in next five years to purchase more jet fighters ,naval destroyers in the face of China’s military expansion. It further labelled ADIZ ‘ unilateral expansion ‘ thus joining hands with America to defy all the rules laiden by Beijing. Let us now look at China’s interest which has been doing the same thing. As communist party of China brought a new rule called Pro Market Rule ( under which a MNC would sweep huge money from the nation) , so Chinese officials wants to divert the attention of civilians from the same and thereby escalated ADIZ . As unrest in China has become the order of the day so they have to spend more to overrun social unrest than in increasing army.

This social unrest is because Chinese Chinese government ran a tanker over a group of students who gathered at Thinman to stage a protest against an can be said that Chinese officials raised ADIZ to whip up nationalism and militarism to divert attention from social tensions at home. The conclusion we could draw from whole of the above mentioned dispute is that nobody but a common man is going to bear the adverse implications of this stand off ,thus taking a toll on their financial and living conditions. So its the common people who fell prey to these political personalities. 

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