National Conference on Indigenous Indian Nationalism has no relation with Religious Extremism


The Conference was successfully organised in the constitution club of India, New Delhi. The program initiated by one of our young leaders Feroze Rabbani by offering flowers to BHAGAT SINGH , remembring his martyrdom for our country. He focused at the unity of Indian Citizens and invited Dr. K.B.Usha , from JNU who told What actually JNU is. What we want freedom from, we want freedom in INDIA, freedom from poverty , freedom from corruption, freedom from malpractices. When she completed with her valuable thoughts, Dr Rakesh Rafiq Hold the stage to raise the flag of Indigenous Indian Nationalism even more higher and explained many facts and also inspired how to fight against this Religious Extremism.He raised his voice against anything spoken against our nation.


Then we invited Mr. Mujtaba Farooq‬ to the stage to share his views, irrespective of any party he condemn everything against the constitution and raise the need to stand for such activities and make more conferences all over India. He also put some instaces of jistory saying the independence is incomplete without the name of Gandhi, without the name of Bhagat Singh,Ambedkar, Subhash chandra Bose, Khan Abdul Ghaffar khan and many more . When Mr Ali Anwar(MP from JDU) stand on the dice,  he put all the issues with facts and figures and told many incidents from history and inspired the youth to serve our country, for the betterment of our country.


Everyone set straight when the charismatic leader hold the dice, its Abhimanyu Kohar, from his rich experience of National and International politics, he put everything straight forward in front of all the audience.He talked about how to fight against extremism and asked for people support the make this nation the Nation our Martyrs dreamed of. When Akhlad Ahmad Usmani came to the dice, it was again the list of facts and lots of questions for the integrity of India.A Kissan Neta, we had in between he showed how much patriotism we have in our blood. When a child takes birth, he dreams of joining defense to serve our country and at the age of 23-24 he dies living his family, his wife or his child for this country and our leaders make a salute to their bier and that’s all. Nobody cares who will take care of his responsibilities he had towards his family and also told a lot about the youth who can fight alone to save the idol of our martyr.


Now Javed Ali Khan (Member of Parliament from SP ) also talked about the Indian constitution and the requirement to stand against the Religious Extremism. He also said that it is our identity that so many religions and cast’s people are living together with brotherhood, it is the matter that makes us different from the whole world . Maulana kalbe Rushaid came to the dice and spoke for the unity of this country and also added that everyone have their own religion and all should have equal respects for all the religions.He also said that we will go for our last journey of life on the shoulders of others , and others on us so why we can’t live as a whole together.


Now, with the experience of whole life and many struggles Acharya Parmod Krishnan hold the dice and opened all his views straightway in front of the youth leaders present from all the different universities and different states of INDIA. He raised many questions and demanded for the answers of those questions. He asked if kanhaiya Kumar is Anti National then why he is moving free, and if not then why the case was imposed on him, he was given bail because there were don’t had any proof against him. He also asked what happens if we make a call to Pakistan and our honorable PM visits with any planning any notice any invitation.He also raised question that our honorable Home minister says that everything happened in JNU on indications of hafiz mohammad syed. How small thing it is if he his not involved but what if he is really involved, How serious this matter can be. and many more questions were raised till the end.


With lack of time We requested Bhaqt charan dass (Former railway minister) to put his words earliest, so he shared his experience and motivated the youth to move further and promised his presence in all the activities for the welfare of our nation, and the stage still continued with the Young leaders from DCRUST Murthal , Jamia Milia Islamia, JNU and Aligarh Muslim University.Akshay narwal, Saurabh sangwan, Syed ali, Anwar Ali all put their views on the unity and integrity of India and Also challenged the powers to stop dividing India otherwise this young will not spare their roots. JAI HIND



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