Yuva Kranti became the first organization to raise Voice against Controversial Agremment “LEMOA” signed between India and USA.

Indian Youth organization “Yuva Kranti” staged a protest in New Delhi against recent military agreement “LEMOA” signed between India and USA. Under this agreement, USA is planning to station it’s troops in India. Retired Military officials, social activists, students from Various Universities participated in this conference and in a single voice, they opposed this agreement.


Abhimanyu Kohar, Leader of Yuva Kranti said that this agreement LEMOA is a big threat to Sovereign and Independent Foreign Policy of India. He further said that USA have a policy of Imposing it’s own foreign policies over sovereign countries who have signed this agreement, so he asked that What will India do if USA starts pressurising India to not to use the Chabhar port in Iran developed by India itself because Relation between USA and Iran are not Good? He added that India is a founding member of Non Alignment Movement, and that’s why India should not align with USA to maintain it’s Non Alignment stand in order to create a multipolar world.


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Feroze Rabbani, Youth Leader from Kargil said that USA has a history of Creating political unrest in those countries in which their military is stationed. He added that we are strong enough to defend our national interests, we don’t need any Foreign forces on our land.


Ashraf Zaidi stressed that we should oppose this black agreement in order to save our freedom which we got through sacrifices of our freedom fighters.


Youth Leader Puneet Deswal said that we don’t need any military help from USA at all, our own Military past is glorious while military past of USA is full of Defeats whether you can take the case of Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq conflict, Everywhere USA lost. so what type of help they will give to us? he asked.


Shyam Yadhuvanshi, Youth Leader from Varanasi said that USA is friend of no one, USA works only for their own selfish self interests.

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Shiv Antil and Akshay Narwal, Youth Leaders from DCRUST University also condemned Indian Government for signing this black agreement ‘LEMOA’. They asked Indian Youth to stand against this Black Agreement. The conference was attended by around 100 people.

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