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Indian Indigenous Nationalism has no relation with Religious Extremism.
Before writing this article, one need to understand these following terms.
By nationalism ,we mean every idea which considers the nation above everything & believes in the concept of oneness, unity and integrity of the country. In the minds and hearts of people of a nation, unity and integrity has components like language, religion, history, geography, & culture etc ,and they collectively make the different forms/structures of Nationalism.
Therefore in different countries, this process happened in different ways. The seeds of national unity are born with the progress of creation of capitalism.
In some cases it is developed while fighting against Feudalism and in some while fighting against Imperialism. The definitions of nationalism based upon the incidents which occurred from the sixteenth century in European society are contained in their education.
Indigenous Nationalism:-
Every nation of the world has developed with its own unique characteristics. The pathways of nation building of England, France and Germany are different, and they are proud of them. But it is a topic of great melancholy that the ideology of nationalism of India is developed under the influence of Westernisation. Efforts were made to mould the Indian nationalism in accordance with the ideology of Europe’s nationalism. That’s why most of the Indians have forgotten our Indian uniqueness and have formed the perception about nationalism according to Western countries. They have forgotten the recognitions of the great freedom struggle of 1857. But exceptionally, the lives of people like Mahatama Gandhi & Abdul Gaffar Khan expressed the indigenous indian nationalism, But they kept their distance from debates on these indigenous ideologies. Under indigenous nationalism, we have to mark the unique characteristics of it based upon the historical achievements and recognitions.
Religious extremism:-
By religious extremism we mean that if a person while pursuing his own religion, parallely spreads the hatred for other religions, then it is called religious extremism. In this 21st century, this same hatred regarding other religions is spread by different Wahhabi organizations, extremist Christian organizations which are state sponsored, Jews organization and Hindu extremist organizations etc. Majority of these extremist organizations all over the world are sponsored by some states who have hegemonic agendas of their own. In just few years, world has witnessed the barbarism of Islamic state organization which flourished on this Wahabbi ideology which teaches about hate and violence. In recent Years, Saudi Arabia have send more than 1700 crore Rupees to India to spread their ideology of Wahhabism which teaches only about hate and violence. More than 25000 Wahhabi preachers have visited India in last few years to spread this ideology of Hatred and Violence. After the arrival of “Concept of Clash of Civilization” in which Samuel P Huntington stated that as Soviet Union is dissolved so now there will be no Ideological and economic battle in future, but future battle will happen on the basis of Fault lines of Religion and Culture. So in the light of that theory, cultural and Religious tension are increased by some imperialists nations in whole world as we can see it from ongoing situation in West Asia specially in Syria. In same manner, some Hindu extremist organizations demolished Babri Masjid in 90s to carry out this strategy of division among Hindus and Muslims in India for their personal benefits. 14 religious battles were fought between Christians and Muslims, Hence, it formed the historical background of religious extremism. In India, people with different religions and ideologies have always lived in harmony before arrival of Britishers, But religious extremism in India was developed after 1857 under British diplomacy.
We need to understand that, Islamic extremism in form of Wahabism, Christian extremism which is state sponsored Jews extremism and Hindu Extremism etc are complementing each other. We need to eradicate the roots of such extremist elements from society. Only Nationalism can defeat such Extremist ideologies and therefore lets make our Indian indigenous Nationalism so strong that it eradicates all forms of extremist elements from our India.

Understanding the above prepositions, participants have to present their article. In the article, the evaluation parameters will be fact presentation and conceptual thought presentation.
You can write in English as well as in Hindi.
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Words limit is 400-450.
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