Conference on Peace in West Asia

Yuva Kranti

Conference on Peace in West Asia. Terrorism is terrorism, there is no good and bad one, this is what the countries funding terrorism should know, Dr. Riad Kamel Abass said in a conference in New Delhi, praising the Indian government for adopting a clear stand over the Syrian crisis. “United States’ so-called implementation of democracy in Libya has leaded the country in a turmoil; if this is democracy than we don’t need it, added Kamel Abass. Some countries on the pretext of countering ISIS assisting the so-called “moderate terrorist” group which results in escalating the conflict in Syria. In the mean while Syrian authorities have reverberated many times that the neighboring country Turkey has opened their border for the terrorists to enter in Syria. “The son of Turkey Prime Minister Rajjab Tayyib Erdogan have trucks carrying arms through the border in Syria”, said prominent professor Arun Mohanty. Looking for a solution to the crisis in West Asia and particularly in Syria, Russian First Secretary at Russian Embassy maintains that, Assad which have public acceptance is the solution to the crisis. Most of the speakers urged for a political solution rather than funding and empowering terrorist groups. Combating Wahabism (Takfirism) is also significant to combat terrorism, pronounced the speakers. Due to the assistance to ISIS, provided by the foreign countries, the reflections of terrorism were seen in Paris and Mali in which 129 and 19 people were killed respectively. This is more than many times exposed that the ISIS is a proxy of the United States and its ally countries to ouster Bashar Al Assad in Syria. Despite of the people who believe that Assad is the only solution, the foreign countries are fervent to sideline Assad from the peace talks, said Abhimanyu Kohar President of Yuva Kranti. The Syrian Ambassador once said that, “My personal view in this matter is that the Americans are not serious about fighting IS. They don’t want to defeat them, they just want to contain them. When the IS started attacking Erbil in the Iraqi Kurdistan, the Americans immediately drew a redline and they didn’t let them cross. And then IS expanded towards the Western parts of Syria.” (Iraqi Kurdistan is an ally of the U.S. America has a fully-functional consulate in Erbil.) We will spread peace to west Asia from the land of Gandhi from where it started, said Ashraf Zaidi CEO of IUVM. Due to the escalation in the conflict, India, which have economical links with all the West Asian countries – have badly influenced. The un-ignorable truth is that five million Indians are working in different Gulf countries. In addition India is also a part of Asian continent; and being a key player in the continent India is much more concerned to the ongoing protracted conflicts. So keeping all this in concern Yuva Kranti in collaboration with International Union for Virtual Media organised this conference with the title “Peace in West Asia is important for all including India”.

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