‎West‬ ‪Saudi‬ ‪Arabia‬, ‎Qatar‬, ‪Turkey‬ ‪Israel‬ ‪created‬ ‪ISIS‬. ‪Reasons‬ are ‪explained‬ in ‪detail‬


It is rightly said that first you need to know about your enemy if you want to defeat it and that’s why It’s important to understand that why West created this monster in form of ISIS. There is no doubt that western countries intelligence agencies created ISIS, we all know that these jihadis in Syria and Iraq are foot soldiers of CIA. It is recently confirmed by the director of defence intelligence agency Lt. Gen. Michael T flynn in an interview with Al jazeera that ISIS is a western creation. But today we will understand the reasons behind the creation of ISIS and other jihadi groups which pose a threat to whole region including India. Let’s go in detail of those reasons one by one.

1). ‪#‎Oded‬ ‪#‎yinon‬ ‪#‎plan‬ – Oded yinon is an Israeli journalist who worked for the department of information of world Zionist organization and also worked for Israeli foreign ministry. He wrote some documents which presents a vision in front of today’s Israeli elites including Netanyahu, Sharon and Begin for the whole middle east. That’s why this plan is named after his name. Oded yinon plan suggests that for its survival, Israel need to divide all middle east countries into small parts so that they will become too weak to challenge Israeli hegemony in this region. They want to divide these countries on the sectarian and ethnic lines. That is exactly what happening in middle east. In Iraq, some area is under control of legitimate government of Iraq while some is under the control of ISIS (foot soldiers of Israel and USA) and remaining is under the control of Kurdish people with their capital in Erbil supported by Israel and west. Maximum oil from the Kurdish region is supplied to Israel.
Theodore Herzl who founded Zionism claims that area of Jewish state extends from Egypt to Euphrates. They want to divide Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt in the same way as they have divided Iraq. Even terrorists of Nusra front and ISIS have been provided military support by Israel through Golan heights and in return these terrorists have dropped their claims on Golan heights and were ready to accept it as Israeli territory. Israeli air force have carried out many raids on Syrian military checkpoints in favour of these terrorists. This division of middle east is most favourable for Israel so that these people continue to fight with each other on the basis of ethnic and religious lines, and in mean time Israel can carry out its own expansion plans.
2). ‪#‎Axis‬ of ‪#‎resistance‬ – In 2006 Lebanon and Israel war, something happened which no one was expecting and that was defeat of Israeli army. This threatened the hell out of Israeli regime and their supporters in USA. So these four countries Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah in Lebanon forms axis of resistance against Israeli imperial designs. Hezbollah was getting lot of support from Iran via Syria. So all this what is happening in Syria is to destroy Hezbollah and this war in Syria is waged by these same jihadis of ISIS which are created by West because if Damascus falls then ultimately Hezbollah will become weak and Israel will try to occupy Lebanon again. So these jihadis are created by West to harm this axis of resistance in order to prevent their client state Israel.
3).‪#‎Resource‬ ‪#‎war‬
Now we all know that resources are part of every middle east conflict. Important project here is Iran, Iraq and Syria pipeline. Gas of southern Pars gas field will be transported to Europe from Iran via a 6000 km pipeline through Iraq, Syria and Mediterranean sea. This pipeline will means Iranian gas to Europe. This pipeline will also bypass Turkey who have positioned itself as east – west energy crossroad. This was upsetting turkey and that’s why they created chaos in Syria and Iraq by creating these jihadis in form of ISIS. Qatar also doesn’t want to become this pipeline a reality because they also have a large amount of gas but if Iranian gas reached Europe then Qatari gas will loose its value. If we check this strategic position of Syria, it shows that it is connected to Iraq, Israel, Lebanon and Jordan. In 2011 Assad government signed a contract with Iraqi and Irani govt to build this pipeline. But here a very interesting thing happened that at the time of signing of contract, suddenly US and NATO started accusing Assad of supporting terrorism and killing his own people. All the playbook style things happened after that. This pipeline created a huge challenge for not only USA but also for Israel which in 2010 discovered a huge offshore gas field in Eastern Mediterranean called leviathan gas field. Now Israel started dreaming of becoming a energy superpower. So with an American company Nobel energy, Israel made a consortium to develop this gas field. That same Pars gas field extends from Iran to Qatar. And that’s why to disrupt this pipeline project Qatar paid 100 USD/day to these jihadis from poor countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya to fight against legitimate governments of Syria and Iraq. In total Qatar paid around 5 billion USD to these jihadis. Iran hope to export 250 million cubic metre of gas through this pipeline by 2017. But Turkey, Qatar Saudi Arabia, Israel, USA and other Western countries are trying to destabilize Syria and Iraq through their foot soldiers in form of ISIS so that this pipeline doesn’t become reality.
4) ‪#‎Regional‬ ‪#‎dominance‬
USA wants to permanently station there soldiers in Iraq again after their withdrawal in 2010-11 because Iraq is coming out of sphere of western countries influence and making its independent relations with countries like Iran and Russia. This independent foreign policy of Iraq have created many problems in front of American elites. USA estimated that Iraqi will accept their proposal of stationing NATO troops in Mosul only if Iraqi army is defeated by a monster army and that’s why they provided ISIS with weapons and intelligence regarding Iraqi army. Iraqi army even shot down two British planes carrying weapons to ISIS. Hakem al-zameli who is head of Iraqi parliament National defense and security committee said that they have credible reports from Iraqi security forces in Al-Anbar province on ground and have photography proofs which clearly suggests that US led coalition planes have dropped tonnes of weapons for ISIS in Anbar province. But Iraqi army now with the help of popular mobilization forces is regaining ground from ISIS and have freed Tikrit and Baiji from ISIS control. Iraqi government is now actively considering for Russian air force help. So this strategy of USA has failed and not yielding any result and now Iraqi army on its own is pounding ISIS terrorists on daily basis.
5). ‪#‎Military‬ ‪#‎industrial‬ ‪#‎complex‬
American economy is completely dependent on war industry. American elites said to their population in past that they need to build their defenses because there is a power out their in form of soviet union which wants to destroy our democracy. So they spend trillion of dollars of USA’s tax payer money to develop these weapons. These trillion of dollars are paid to companies like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrup Gruman to build these weapons and elites of American govt like Dick Chenny holds important post in these companies. The profit of such companies depend on fear factor and fear of war like it was soviet union before 1990. But after breakup of Soviet union, they need a another monster and first they created Al Qaeda and now ISIS in order to continue production in their war industry. This time they created a monster in form of ‘war on terrorism’ that will never end like Soviet union.
But Iran and Russia are defeating these imperial designs of west by supporting Iraq and Syria.
So these above are the main reasons behind the creation of ISIS by West. In next article we will disclose how they managed to do it.

Abhimanyu Kohar
He is an Indian youth activist and expert in West Asian conflicts. He is leading a group of young activists “‪#‎Yuva‬ ‪#‎Kranti‬” in ‪#‎Indian‬ capital state New Delhi.


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